Home Designing Around Your Favorite Accessory

Finally, it’s that time of the year to bring out the sunnies. I have always had this… thing, when it came to collecting sunglasses. For me, it was like socks- you could never have enough and it’s better when they come in different variations. I decided with the love of home design and my collection of sunglasses, I’d combine the two to make it apart of my decor… art, if you will.

So recently, I earned my FSC (Frequent Shopper’s Credit) with one of my favorite stores that I just cannot stay away from. I can truly say that I am in there every week or so to check out what’s new. Psst, I actually have someone on the inside that calls me when great products come in, lol. Sounds like a bit much, but listen to me… when there’s a great item for a great price, you MUST take advantage of it right then. It’s only right, lol.


Here’s what your need in order to create this look (all materials, except display box, were purchased from Michael’s):
— Glass/acrylic display shadow box
— Scissors, X-acto knife or Paper trimmer
— 1 glitter adhesive foam sheet

This is how the box originally looked. The hardware is silver. I’m thinking of later switching it to gold or antique gold. The padding inside has this gray and white design that I didn’t really care for it so I decided to change it to black glitter. The measurement of this box is just about 10″x10″.

By adding a neutral color, it will pair with just about any color scheme I have going on at that moment. For example, during the Spring/Autumn seasons, my decor is more vibrant with yellows (my favorite color), reds, pinks and golds. To give my living spaces a warmer feel. For the Summer/Winter seasons, I’ll change up my decor to cooler colors to blues, greens, silver, mauve and purples.


After measuring your foam sheet, cut/slice your sheet into the dimensions of the inner box (not the size of the box itself. If you don’t understand, try this: To make sure I was accurate in my measurement, I practiced on a scrap piece of cardstock/printer paper, measured it to size and used it as a guide while I cut/slice the foam sheet. Next, remove the backing from your foam sheet. Please make sure you get the adhesive sheet, lol. Then again, you can use a non-adhesive backing and just add your own adherent. The only issue with that is the risk of extra clean up and/or air pockets.

Just to make sure all corners are fitted perfectly, try insert one corner at a time. It just seemed much easier to move and adjust the sheet this way so it didn’t stick to the walls or get any air bubbles.

Lastly, to make sure all edges and corners are intact, I used a plastic card to push down the edges so they do not start to roll or curl up through time. Plus, it gives the edges a cleaner look. Another plus about choosing a foam sheet with an adhesive back is not worrying about drying time.

Add some of your favorite accessories in your new display box. You can add jewelry, photos, keys, keepsakes, precious finds… just about anything. I have my display box on my bookshelf in my home office where it can be seen by all visitors. Now, all I have to do is find somewhere to display the rest of my collection, lol. I swear, I have 15 more to show off. Maybe I’ll do another showcase on that project.

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